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Working for a client, I just realized… I never wrote myself a deploy script so I can quickly deploy Docker / Kubernetes on a Debian 10 installation. Let’s get 3 things so we can ease future pain, one is Ansible, second Docker and lastly Kubernetes. Ansible, quite straight forward: Install Ansible: Lets go over the

Sadly in my line of work multiple times I’ve had to either type a password on lights out management that copy-paste didn’t work, use VNC to log into a server, or similar… A great way around this issue is using AutoHotKey script to type for us our clipboard. Sample: Code: Since it’s quite pointless to test, review, opinion.

A bit of background, I am always entertained to check out new websites this time I saw on Instagram an advertisement to check out test I have to admit it’s exciting until you’re done playing with their coding challenges. I did 3, okay, I didn’t kill myself over them, but it was to check