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I love solving real-world problems.


I am a Sr Software Engineer with a special focus on OpenSource Languages. Python, Node JS, PHP, and C# and Business.

Proud work:

  • Wrote the translation layer for GPT volumes in FUSE on Linux to virtualize Windows machines for Replibit (Backup and Disaster Recovery).
  • Added support for virtualization of Secure Boot & TianoCore BIOS custom development.
  • Rewrote the system network layer in python, added VLAN support, Bridged, and Bonded interfaces.
  • Added support for Secure Boot in the virtualization environment through TianoCore (EDKII) and a custom image to load Windows signatures (Secure boot). With custom BIOS modifications were adding compatibility to different versions of Windows.
  • Added buffered data import and export, reducing the overall time spent moving data.
  • Involved in fixing and improving product security (Bug and pen-testing).
  • Expanded the team with nearshore software engineers in Uruguay.
  • Provided the infrastructure to build the product.
  • Assisted customers directly deploying the product in unsupported environments.
  • Vast experience reducing cost, optimizing software stack, and improving churn rate.
  • Expert level experience with Windows and Linux.
  • Experience as a CTO in two startups, augmenting the engineering team, setting up a new infrastructure (Telephone, Email, service hosting, Gitlab, Chat, and virtualization environment) taking cost-saving measures creating their own private cloud.

I support Linux and OSS.

For over a decade now, I’ve been an avid distro hopper… It seems like I’ve found my place with OpenSUSE now for quite a while.

Used to be a Microsoft MVP.

Until I dedicated most of my time developing software in Linux.

No really, that’s how much time I had dedicated to Windows.

License Issued Feb 2013
Expired Feb 2014
Credential Identifier:
Credential ID 7-B-2682

Final notes.

I’d love to hear what you’re working on; I tend to follow projects I find interesting. I donate a fair share of my time with startups trying to help them grow.
If you believe I’d be a good fit for your team, please reach out to me!