I love solving real-world problems.

Current Experience:

  • Currently serving as the Vice President of Engineering at CyberFOX and CTO of FlexBiller cloud billing solutions.
  • As a key member of the leadership team, actively involved in strategic decision-making, providing guidance for product engineering and development.
  • Responsible for planning the company’s technology roadmap, driving growth through product expansion, and fostering cross-integration initiatives.
  • Proactively establishing and nurturing relationships with vendors to align their capabilities with our strategic goals.
  • Spend the rest of my time assisting teams, removing roadblocks, ensuring customer success either by writing hotfixes to our applications or by internally assisting our support team.

Past Experience:

As a seasoned Senior Software Engineer, I specialize in Open Source Languages, particularly Python, Node.js, PHP, and C#. My expertise extends to both technical and business aspects. I take pride in my notable achievements, including:

  • Developing the translation layer for GPT volumes in FUSE on Linux to virtualize Windows machines for Replibit, a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Introducing support for the virtualization of Secure Boot and TianoCore BIOS custom development.
  • Rewriting the system network layer in Python, incorporating VLAN support, Bridged, and Bonded interfaces.
  • Enabling Secure Boot in the virtualization environment through TianoCore (EDKII) and a custom image, facilitating the loading of Windows signatures (Secure Boot).
  • Implementing buffered data import and export, significantly reducing the overall time spent moving data.
  • Playing a crucial role in enhancing product security through bug fixes and penetration testing.
  • Expanding the team by onboarding nearshore software engineers in Uruguay.
  • Providing essential infrastructure for product development and assisting customers in deploying the product in unsupported environments.
  • Accumulating vast experience in cost reduction, software stack optimization, and improving churn rate.
  • Demonstrating expert-level proficiency in Windows and Linux.
  • Serving as a CTO in two startups, where responsibilities included team augmentation, infrastructure setup (telephone, email, service hosting, GitLab, chat, and virtualization environment), and implementing cost-saving measures, creating a private cloud.

I am a strong advocate for Linux and open-source software, with over a decade of experience as a dedicated distro hopper. Ex-Microsoft MVP.

Final Notes:

I am open to learning about the exciting projects you are working on and often contribute my time to startups, aiding in their growth. If you believe my skills align with your team’s needs, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to potential collaborations and new challenges.

License Issued Feb 2013
Expired Feb 2014
Credential Identifier:
Credential ID 7-B-2682