There are various guides online for setting up Postfix as a backup (hold and forward) mail server which knows which accounts are valid on the primary (to prevent backscatter spam, so it only accepts emails for actual accounts that exist on the primary mail server). All of them are slightly different and none of them

After some problems with the kernel sources, got it working. First: First: Install kernel-devel to have the sources etc. Second, at: is external) Found: Markus KoƟmann 2012-12-26 13:20:53 UTC You made the wrong link. it should have been: cd /lib/modules/3.7.1-16-desktop/build/include/ ( a ‘ls’ should show no file or directory named linux and two directories called

Amplified DNS common Attack

Amplified DNS Attack, general information, and fixes. How I got my hands into this. Well the step by step on how I met this new challenge. You may find the general info here ( is external)), don’t get me wrong, the solution is not that big deal, yet can get a bit tricky if you

Removing Linux User

How to remove user from a linux (system) safetly: Keep in mind the following process is to make sure a user is SAFELY removed from the system, if you simply just want to remove the user, jump to “To delete user accound called [user], enter:” The following is recommend procedure to delete a user from the Linux

TakeLAN Connector- Administration to the next level

The idea behind MultiAll. Abstract: The problem of managing multiple servers that do basically similar stuff and are used to host in house applications. Avoiding configuration time hogs, and automation of server configuration allowing fast deployments with no scaling limit. The problem: The problem with MultiAll is the fact of having all the servers on

BD Forex Automation System

The idea behind trading automation. Abstract: Using automation processes and technical skills the idea is to develop a modularized, configurable and environment aware trading system that can adapt to different currencies, news, and market trends without or with little human interaction. The problem: The problem with automated trading is the same with manual trading, leaving

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