Working for a client, I just realized… I never wrote myself a deploy script so I can quickly deploy Docker / Kubernetes on a Debian 10 installation. Let’s get 3 things so we can ease future pain, one is Ansible, second Docker and lastly Kubernetes. Ansible, quite straight forward: Install Ansible: Lets go over the

Sadly in my line of work multiple times I’ve had to either type a password on lights out management that copy-paste didn’t work, use VNC to log into a server, or similar… A great way around this issue is using AutoHotKey script to type for us our clipboard. Sample: Code: Since it’s quite pointless to

For a while, we’ve been trying to get proper monitoring at TakeLAN, my home servers, and customers after a lot of work, tuneup and changes we finally made it we got the perfect monitoring setup. Monitoring… On the owned datacenters, we’ve installed DHT22 sensors to monitor intake, and exhaust of the room temperature, with that

First of all, congratulations to everyone in Uruguay, once again you passed through an election in a correct and ordered fashion. I’m proud.Second of all, I’m glad to see change, but I’m deeply worried about the implications for the future of the country. I see two options are possible for the next ten years of test, review, opinion.

A bit of background, I am always entertained to check out new websites this time I saw on Instagram an advertisement to check out test I have to admit it’s exciting until you’re done playing with their coding challenges. I did 3, okay, I didn’t kill myself over them, but it was to check

I’m leaving Google. Dropbox, One Drive, and others.

I left Google! Well, great clickbate. It’s nothing against google per se. But I left many free-ish services. List: Dropbox. OneDrive. Google Drive. Gmail. etc. You get the drift; great services were serving a purpose but… eh, more info below. Dropbox / One Drive / Google Drive: All this is great if you are moving