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For a while, we’ve been trying to get proper monitoring at TakeLAN, my home servers, and customers after a lot of work, tuneup and changes we finally made it we got the perfect monitoring setup. Monitoring… On the owned datacenters, we’ve installed DHT22 sensors to monitor intake, and exhaust of the room temperature, with that

First of all, congratulations to everyone in Uruguay, once again you passed through an election in a correct and ordered fashion. I’m proud.Second of all, I’m glad to see change, but I’m deeply worried about the implications for the future of the country. I see two options are possible for the next ten years of test, review, opinion.

A bit of background, I am always entertained to check out new websites this time I saw on Instagram an advertisement to check out test I have to admit it’s exciting until you’re done playing with their coding challenges. I did 3, okay, I didn’t kill myself over them, but it was to check

I’m leaving Google. Dropbox, One Drive, and others.

I left Google! Well, great clickbate. It’s nothing against google per se. But I left many free-ish services. List: Dropbox. OneDrive. Google Drive. Gmail. etc. You get the drift, services that were great, were serving a purpose but… ieh, more info below. Dropbox / One Drive / Google Drive: All this is great if you

Year review of moving to the United States on K1 visa to marry my awesome wife, Morgan. Lets start by… HEY!, In a week it’s a whole year here in the US, well Texas. So let’s do a recap of what happened… just to keep track of all this. Arrived August 11, bought a car

The long journey… moving to Texas with my Fiancee, soon to be wife. So, in January we started this trip together of getting things done towards moving together. And today I’m typing this from my in-laws. As said, yes I moved in with her at her in-laws, which I can’t say anything else other than

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