3D Printer – Just for fun!

3D Printer Live Feed:

Live feed from 3D Printer thanks to Octopi.
View from Crealty 3 3D Printer in temperature chamber.

Since it’s always fun to share some projects feel free to snoop into my crealty while it’s either 3D Printing or doing absolutely nothing.

Streaming straight from my Octopi at home!

What equipment are you using?

Crealty Ender 3 V2 printer.
Crealty 3 Printer V2
Z Axis Crealty support bearing.
Z Axis stabilizer, adds extra stability for tall prints.
Crealty aluminum feeder.
Aluminum feeder, best way to tidy the printer.
Crealty 3D Printer bed.
Spare heated bed, always useful just in case.
Creality 3D Printer ABS heat tent.
Heat chamber, best way to print on ABS! the view is right from inside of it.
Alcohol pads
Alcohol pads to clean the bed.

All these items are all I’ve needed for successful prints.