Sadly in my line of work multiple times I’ve had to either type a password on lights out management that copy-paste didn’t work, use VNC to log into a server, or similar…

A great way around this issue is using AutoHotKey script to type for us our clipboard.



#NoEnv          ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.

^+v::Send {Raw}%Clipboard%

Since it’s quite pointless to bother with getting it all set up for ourselves…

Download the following exe.

Download “AHK Type Clipboard” – Downloaded 1113 times – 521.91 KB

When it’s time to type your keyboard content, press CNTRL+SHIFT+V enjoy the contents being typed in.


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  • Phyo2 years ago

    You will need to use {Text} instead of {Raw}, otherwise it adds an extra new line when you copy & paste multiple lines.

    • ddemuro2 years ago

      Interesting, I’ll for sure give it a try and let update the code/.exe, thank you for the suggestion.

  • Nate1 year ago

    For me on a W10 and working with mRemoteNG, seems that the type_clipboard is not taking more than aprox around 180 characters, thats usually in my case close to 1 line an enter and a couple of more letters.

    Is this also observed by you, or any way that it can be improved to keep more characters in memory ?


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