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A bit of background, I am always entertained to check out new websites this time I saw on Instagram an advertisement to check out test

I have to admit it’s exciting until you’re done playing with their coding challenges. I did 3, okay, I didn’t kill myself over them, but it was to check it out. It’s 5:18 in the morning, and I couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to check what’s up in the remote job land.

Anyways, my opinion?

The website seems sleek very minimal, sadly takes a long time to load. The first time you load the page, you’re hit with pointless “coolio” animations that didn’t add much… other than the suspense, of course.

Thinking it was slow just for me, I found other people complaining about the same thing, so I decided to check out if it’s quiet for us two, or more people.

Lets see how long it takes for Pingdom to get the website from their San Francisco server.

Okay, 702 ms plus the animation there we go. At least I know it’s not just me, it’s slow.

Why is it taking so long to start downloading?

117 ms on DNS… interesting, they are using cloudflare.

Regardless, the tests were fun, but when I got the “test” and saw it was like 40 hours, I decided… maybe I can do it quicker…

Well, no. It’s very vague, doesn’t contain too many guidelines it’s up to you to do everything, so I have to admit getting just an email and google docs specifying what needed to be done was an instant-turnoff. The website needs a lot of love and polishing if they plan on competing with market leaders, you know, toptal, and others.

Kudos to you guys, at least the tests were fun for tonight. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll see the website blossom, and maybe their competitors will fear them?

That’s all for now, I’m not posting the challenges so at least I leave some mystery behind.


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  • chinwaylandWayland2 years ago

    I thought their tests were very slow. Maxing out my CPU cores.


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