I’m leaving Google. Dropbox, One Drive, and others.

I left Google!

Well, great clickbate. It’s nothing against google per se. But I left many free-ish services.

image of google, let me finish my phrase
Google let me finish my phrase


  1. Dropbox.
  2. OneDrive.
  3. Google Drive.
  4. Gmail.
  5. etc.

You get the drift, services that were great, were serving a purpose but… ieh, more info below.

Dropbox / One Drive / Google Drive:

All this are great if you are just moving pet pictures around and basically you’re a home user. But normally nothing comes at free, unless you already have given resources. And lately I was realizing after using owncloud I was no longer using this services. (Owncloud literally replaced all of them, and placed them in the garbage).

Owncloud gives me phone sync, offline access, and better yet cross platform. I have it hooked up to a glusterfs backend storage with around 6 TB of usable storage, in raid 1 raid 1 style (Raid 1 on Gluster, Physical raid 1 on the machine).

So the odds of 100% data loss, are pretty slim, given that I also perform a weekly full backup and a daily differential. To another set of gluster-ed drives.

In short, I get pretty much free 6 TB storage, which I can share, etc and better yet… I know where it’s stored and how secure it is. Not saying this services weren’t secure but… who the heck knows where those bits were stored.


I’ve been using Gmail pretty much since it first saw light, it’s been a great ride… but as nice as it is. Other than a pretty comfortable UI, wasn’t giving much more than I can already get with my own servers. To be honest, it was pretty much me doing them a favor than the other way.

But oh man… the ads… had me tired. Then I decided to start signing my Emails with PGP, encrypting some of them with the people I talk to… but hey, no support on the web client. So… it was about time. I left it all together. Dropped it.

Is it for everyone? No, is it for me? Yes!

In short, I’m planning on finding free as in beer equivalents to many of the services I use online, for private solutions. In all honesty… I do them a favor by not having to store my wife’s cat pictures.


Moving forward with this idea, made me realize many services depend on Email as identifier, unfortunately this is really horrible for many reasons, mainly… if you ever change it… you’re doomed!, so for now it’s going to be a forward to my new address… and hope for the best.

Finally… this picture will explain it all:

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