Year review of moving to the United States on K1 visa to marry my awesome wife, Morgan.

Lets start by… HEY!, In a week it’s a whole year here in the US, well Texas. So let’s do a recap of what happened… just to keep track of all this.

Arrived August 11, bought a car (Honda Accord 2013) so I could drive around, paid off Morgan’s potato (That’s what I call her car, 2013 Yaris) and got married in October!.
So, going on with the process, I got married October 3d of 2016, the week after we registered the marriage license and with that… more paperwork. The Visa was just first step… unfortunately lol… so anyway I applied for the EAD and AOS, so I could work… you know?

The Employment Authorization Document (EAD), arrived mid-january and I joined eFolder, which was great. Moving on, mid-march I got finally my Green Card without the need of an interview, which to be honest was a time saver thank you Homeland Security and USCIS, and well… since then… it’s been same old… below a more detailed list of things that happened in between.

In October my family came for the wedding which happened in Pilot Knoll where we got to have fun with the family and then proceed with a long dinner, after that we decided to go back to my parents rental property down at the colony and had a great time. Honeymoon pending… 🙁 we have had time yet.

After that fast forward to the previously mentioned documents got in order and I had my fist trip to the company HQ in Denver Colorado for meetings and meeting with the guys from the project since you know, half of the developers were  previous friends of mine… so that was good.

Fast forward May, my family came up to Florida (Lauderdale by the sea), which was awesome, we got to rest, my family got to meet my wife and we got to annoy my granny lol, we stayed there for two weeks in a rental house, pretty nice with a pool and everything.
Traveled to Orlando so the family could snoop around, my wife went canoeing with my dad… unfortunately I was unable to see that come down, but they had a blast… driving home though… that was a long trip.

Long story short, a year in… many things I miss from home, I miss my car, friends, family obviously and places… smells… some things that you just simply can’t have being away from your family.

Coming here, wasn’t dead easy. I’ve been sick for a while, since I arrived it’s like something within me blew up.

  1. 2 Root canals re-done.
  2. Some fillings here and there.
  3. Fevers.
  4. Colds.
  5. GI issues.
  6. Stress

So… for all the readers that consider moving… have your body ready for implosion lol.

I’ll keep posting as I go, but I started late, and it’s time for bed.

Have a great night world!.

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