The long journey… moving to Texas with my Fiancee, soon to be wife.

So, in January we started this trip together of getting things done towards moving together. And today I’m typing this from my in-laws.

As said, yes I moved in with her at her in-laws, which I can’t say anything else other than be greatful for such a great welcome and the fact that the day I arrived they surprised me with what will help me settle and continue our journey.

I always knew I had a great family behind, not only an awesome future wife. They waited for me with dinner, a warm welcome, a hot shower, a change of clothes and her dad actually was with her at the airport.

Only to arrive to their house and see the surprise they’ve been working on *secretly* for the past weeks. A whole room to use as an office, totally equipped. A hand made huge desk, and everything.

She was right about one thing. This would help me settle more than they could imagine. Moving abroad has brought many mixed feelings, it’s been 4 days since I arrived, and we’re already checking how to proceed.

We now have to figure out how we’ll manage our money (banking), start looking slowly at houses, and a car for myself.

So, for all of those who have more-or-less followed my posts, or I’ve spoken to already knew part of it. But let’s see what’s next.

I doubt they’ll get to read this, but if any of you guys get to ever read this, thank you for all the support.

Morgan, soon, hopefully we’ll be married, and as doomed as you are to have to put up with me, know I love you.

With that, I’m off to bed.

See you all on the next post once I’ve figured some other things out lol, and wait for my thoughts on moving from Uruguay to Texas.

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