I joined Sophilabs back in March, and since then, I’ve been trying to provide and offer my training building my company infrastructure into making their support better.

That being said, coworkers found entertaining the backbones on how the internet works, so I decided to dedicate a particular time the company provides for this type of topic and chooses to make a Friday talk Unfortunately 1 hour was a quite short time to give them as much info as I possibly can and have them take something useful home.


  • DNS
  • TCP/Packets
  • Wireshark
  • Networking
  • Internet Evolution
  • Spoofing

Pretty much all that was covered here, and keep in mind the basic idea behind the presentation is to offer a realistic view of how the internet works and how it was built.

To end up with a practical way to understand how this knowledge may help you get advantage of the companies network. For that reason I altered the company website… with a version of my own LOL where I chopped off heads and swapped people’s heads around, and of course the childhood  prank on changing positive messages into negative messages.

Remember: Training employees, and getting involved, care about what you learn will make the company more valuable, and the employees more valuable.


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