Long time, no see. I got engaged!

So, as many as you know, I’ve been away for some time now… but so many things have changed so fast I can’t count all of them. But here’s a summary.

1.     I’m finishing university.

2.     I got engaged!

3.     I’m getting married!

4.     I started working on a project I love through a company I now work for.

5.     A clue of my job: On the fly, hard drive reconstruction through FUSE [File System in User Space].

6.     I need a vacation. Lol.

No, but seriously, this year I got engaged to a lovely awesome girl. She’s slightly insane, can’t deny that part, but she’s everything between nerdy, sarcastic and funny… and hey, if I’m going to hell, I’d rather do so with her.

Ohh! our families met, we had a weeklong vacation together in Sanibel [Awesome place, for those who don’t know, its south west Florida, little island close to Marco].

Anyways stay up to date, I haven’t forgotten the website… even though it kind of looks like that… I haven’t! I just also had some trouble with the database [yes I have quite some odd problems with that]. And I’ll be updating some of my work in the datacenter.

And last but not least, soon we’ll be using a custom version of the linux kernel on all of our servers again. Some already run a custom one, but virtualized environments… don’t. So… time to tinker with them.

See you all soon on my next post!.

Lol before she kills me, it’s a joke… but, hey, at least Alcatraz looks way cooler than they tell kids right?? Wonder if marriage is like that… hmm…

Alcatraz cell

As a matter of fact, on the trip we got engaged we visited: Alcatraz, San Francisco obviously, Las Vegas, drove by Los Angeles, Texas obviously and Santa Fe.

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