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Entrepreneur, CTO & Software Engineer

Derek Demuro

About Me

I've worked with computers my whole life and started a company of my own in 2010. I was born a naturally self-taught person and being the polyglot that I am, I quickly developed skills in languages from Clipper, C++, and Bash.

Working with people and customer relationship is a joy and I tend to get obsessed with projects and solving their problems. You can always find me traveling with a notepad, a pen and my handy dandy old school calculator.

Linux evangelist and have not only mastered cloud apps, but also an expert on hosting my own services.


Exceptional solutions to exceptional problems. Firstly, I am a problem solver; then I'm a software engineer.

Derek Demuro

Development Research

There's always a solution to a problem with software.

Derek Demuro

Start Up

With experience in business and technology I can assist in planning and execution for startups.

Derek Demuro

Business Continuity

After years in disaster recovery, together we can make sure your business is up, and stays up through any disaster.

Derek Demuro

Network of Professionals

Social networking is a crucial aspect into building great businesses, let's create a team together for success.

Derek Demuro

Software Architecture

From an idea to the final product. Each step meticulously planned and executed assessment, design, governance and coaching.

Derek Demuro

Server configuration & Deployment

Experienced in Linux & Windows server deployments.

Work Experience

I live for challenges. Making every task at hand a mission and work restlessly to get to a solution. From black box debugging to reverse engineering; unsolved problems keep me thriving. Forging through day and night to help companies succeed. As a previous business owner, I appreciate the end goal and also carry it as my own.

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  • Lewisville, Texas (Dallas - Fort Worth)
  • mail@derekdemuro.com
  • +9729630846
  • www.derekdemuro.com
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